Aero-Medical Evacuation

Aspen Medical is an award-winning provider of Aero-Medical Evacuation (AME) services. We’ve been providing AME to some of the world’s largest oil and gas and mining companies for many years and we’re delighted to be bringing this expertise to Papua New Guinea.

We have provisions in place for AME services from Papua New Guinea to all major eastern seaboard ports in Australia, as well as other regional locations in Asia and the Pacific. We will work in partnership with your emergency assistance providerĀ or your insurer to manage the evacuation and any associated costs for this service, charging on a fee-for-service basis.
We will disclose and detail any out-of-pocket expenses accumulated from an evacuation or repatriation, always keeping them to an absolute minimum. This means that case management charges at the end of these processes are well below the normal market rates.