Quality Policy Statement

Aspen Medical’s vision is to be the leading global health services provider.

To ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Policy, Aspen Medical shall ensure the quality management system is planned, implemented, reviewed, and improved, considering the
organisation works within a risk management framework.

Aspen Medical has three core principles that govern the company’s operations:

  • high quality service delivery
  • excellence in human resources
  • sound financial management.

Aspen Medical is committed to:

  • providing quality services and all applicable ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • considering and meeting any external and internal issues relevant to our purpose, strategic direction that affects our QMS in achieving its intended results
  • determining and meeting the requirements of relevant stakeholders
  • complying with statutory and regulatory obligations, standards, specifications, and relevant codes of practice
  • continually improving our QMS by ensuring operational efficiencies, clinical governance, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Aspen Medical shall ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated and understood at appropriate levels throughout the organisation and is available on the Aspen Medical website for all key holders to access.