About us

Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned, global provider of innovative healthcare solutions across a diverse range of clients in government, global agencies, non-government organisations and the private sector.  

We are a world leader in the delivery of healthcare solutions in any setting, particularly those that are remote, challenging or under-resourced.  

From humble beginnings, we have become a highly respected and award-winning business with a global team serving clients across Australia, the Pacific, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Gulf region, the UK and North America.  

Our clients partner with us because we have a track record of getting things done and are certified to the highest international standards for quality and excellence.  


In Papua New Guinea

Registered as Aspen Medical Limited, Aspen Medical (formerly Paradise Health Solutions and Aspen Medical Harbour City) has been operating in Papua New Guinea since 2009. It is a joint venture between the Aspen Medical Group, headquartered in Canberra, Australia and Paradise Private Hospital, located in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. 


International standards, local expertise

Throughout our 15-year tenure in PNG, we have committed to connecting local expertise with international standards, delivering exceptional outcomes for our patients and clients.

Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified healthcare professionals supported by experienced healthcare administrators. Our workforce is 100% compliant with PNG labour and immigration requirements, and all our clinicians are credentialed against international credentialing criteria to ensure our patients and clients receive the highest quality care.  

Utilising local and international expertise, we prioritise strong client relationships to deliver personalised services and support. Our responsive team is committed to addressing client inquiries promptly and providing ongoing assistance throughout the engagement. 

Local engagement

Wherever we work, Aspen Medical endeavours to develop local networks, promote local participation, engage local businesses, and build the capacity of local communities.  

We understand that every country has unique needs and challenges. To ensure we deliver suitable healthcare, we work closely with our clients, local PNG expert clinicians and cultural leaders to develop culturally appropriate healthcare solutions that align with the specific needs of the communities in which we operate.

Local capacity building

To deliver the best health outcomes within PNG, we prioritise employing, training and empowering the local expertise of PNG nationals across our projects.  

We have an extensive network of nationally recognised clinical leaders and academic advisors who play a pivotal role in bolstering local capacity across all service delivery fields by fostering ongoing learning and development while driving quality improvement initiatives and sustainable improvements in patient care at the local level.  

Our commitment to quality

At Aspen Medical, we prioritise the highest international service standards for our clients, minimising environmental impact and keeping our team safe.   

We’re proud to be ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and adhere to the certification standards of ISO 14001 (Environmental) and 45000 (Occupational Health & Safety) held by our Parent Company, Aspen Medical Pty Ltd in Australia. Creating a culture of continuous improvement, with a focus on minimising the environmental impact of our service delivery, is central to our unwavering commitment to excellence and quality.   

By holding ourselves to the rigorous standards outlined by ISO, we can provide highly efficient and internationally compliant processes and deliver exceptional outcomes for you and your business.  


Our Port Moresby clinic

Located right in the heart of the Port Moresby CBD, our clinic is open to the public and our members Monday through Saturday.   

Since 2014, Aspen Medical’s Private Clinic has been providing world-class healthcare services to PNG citizens and international clients. 

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