Equipment and supplies

As part of our commitment to quality, Aspen Medical has an established, reliable, quality-controlled pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and consumables supply chain in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

From supplying equipment to remote clinics to maintaining dispensary stock of pharmaceuticals and consumables, we can support you and your business with efficient provision of equipment and supplies, ensuring you have what you need when you need it.

Working together with Aspen Medical, we offer the following benefits.

A dedicated logistics and procurement team

Our specialist logistics and procurement team supports and manages:

  • our supplies and pharmaceuticals replenishment program for the contracted period
  • the medical materials procurement, including equipment supplies, gases, and assemblages
  • the maintenance of medical equipment throughout the contracted duration
  • the logistics and transportation from point-of-source to point-of-consumption for contracted projects.

A PNG-trusted supplier

The Pharmacy Board of Papua New Guinea has licenced us to:

  • operate a pharmacy
  • import and wholesale controlled drugs
  • supply medical supplies, consumables and specialist medical equipment.

Top-grade medical equipment and supplies

Our team is well-positioned to source and supply high-quality, robust, TGA-approved (or equivalent) equipment. To ensure continual and essential access and use, we can also provide ongoing calibration, servicing, and maintenance of medical equipment for the length of the contract.

TGA-approved pharmaceuticals

We stock a wide range of TGA-approved pharmaceutical products in-country, including:

  • prescription medication
  • over-the-counter medication
  • vaccines for paediatric immunisation schedules, pre-employment requirements and international travel recommendations.

Efficient storage and transportation

Our dedicated logistics and procurement team expertly manage logistics from point-of-source to point-of-consumption.

By maintaining high-use stock in our head office in Port Moresby, we can immediately dispatch our high-quality equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals to meet your surge demands.

We also work closely with our Australian-based warehouse and distribution centre to ensure we can support our PNG clients whenever they need us.


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