Our internationally qualified primary healthcare clinic, based in the heart of Port Moresby, has become a leading provider of diagnostic services to our PNG patients and clients, performing up to 500 tests and 250 X-rays each month.



Aspen Medical provides an extensive range of diagnostics and screening tests, delivering highly accurate results within minutes.

To ensure the best possible health outcomes, our medical laboratory team work alongside our clinicians to provide each patient with a tailored medical treatment plan based on their specific test results.

Below are the pathology services offered at our Port Moresby clinic.

ServiceEquipmentOnsiteTurn around time
Full blood count Hematology analyzer (Beckman Coulter)Yes5 mins
Blood sugar level Glucose Meter (Accu Control)Yes5 mins
Erythrocytic sedimentation rateESR MeasurementYes90 mins
Liver function test (ASAT, ALAT, PA, GGT, ALP, TP, TBIL, DBIL & ALB)Biochemistry analyzer (Fujifilm Dri-Chem NX500)Yes45 mins
Lipid profile test (HDL, LDL, Cholesterol, Triglycerides)Biochemistry analyzer (Fujifilm Dri-Chem NX500)Yes45 mins
Urinalysis (urine dipstick test)Combur 10 test cobasYes5 mins
Uric acidBiochemistry analyzer (Fujifilm Dri-Chem NX500)Yes45 mins
Renal/kidney function test or RFT/UEC (Urea, Creatinine, Electrolytes)Biochemistry analyzer (Fujifilm Dri-Chem NX500)Yes1 hour
QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT)DS2 analyzer Yes48 - 72 hours
Hepatitis B and C screeningRapid testYes15 - 20 mins
HIV testingRapid testYes15 - 20 mins
STI screeningsVariesYesVaries
Drug screening testQuest cupYes15 - 20 mins
COVID-19 testingRapid diagnostic test (Molecular antigen invitro diagnostic test, utilising isothermal nucleic acid amplification).Yes30 mins
Malaria testingRapid testYes15 - 20 mins
Dengue testingRapid testYes15 - 20 mins
Chikungunya testing*Rapid testYes15 - 20 mins
Troponin testingRapid testYes15 - 20 mins
Typhoid testingRapid testYes15 - 20 mins
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)Rapid testYes10 mins
VDRL/Syphilis testingRapid testYes15 - 20 mins

*Not typically stocked. Booking is required for acquisition.


Additional medical testing and diagnostic capabilities

In addition to the pathology services listed above, Aspen Medical Port Moresby Clinic offers the following diagnostic services.


An audiometry exam evaluates your hearing functions. Our audiometry testing utilises standardised equipment and methods compliant with industry health and safety regulations.

Audiometry testing and surveillance services are vital for maintaining employee hearing health in high noise pollution roles, particularly those in the resource and industry sectors.

Medical imaging

Our clinic in Port Moresby is equipped with X-ray facilities to provide high-quality imaging services.

To ensure we deliver the highest quality and prompt reporting for our patients, we have partnered with a leading Australian-based teleradiology provider that utilises a network of 350 highly trained RANZCR-qualified radiologists to produce the rapid reporting requirements for our Port Moresby clinic. 


An electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the simplest and fastest tests to evaluate the heart. Conducted at our Port Moresby clinic, each ECG is performed by one of our training clinicians to ensure your doctor has accurate reporting to help identify, diagnose and monitor conditions affecting the heart.

Spirometry (Lung function testing)

To assess lung health and assist in diagnosing asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and monitor lung conditions for industry and resource sector workforce.


Our diagnostic team

Our Port Moresby clinic includes a team of dedicated and highly qualified healthcare professionals, Radiographers and Medical Lab Scientists.

Our specialist clinicians and scientists undergo rigorous training on all our in-house equipment to ensure we can deliver the best health diagnoses for our patients.

All our clinicians are credentialed against international credentialing criteria to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care.


Our equipment and maintenance

Our diagnostic equipment is calibrated, inspected, maintained and repaired by specialised biomedical technicians as outlined by the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals and procedures.

Each piece of equipment meets international standards for diagnostic and medical imaging production.


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