Our clinic

Aspen Medical has provided world-class healthcare services to PNG citizens and international clients through our clinic since 2014. Conveniently located in the heart of Port Moresby, our primary healthcare clinic provides comprehensive medical and diagnostic services with an onsite pharmacy.


Our services include:

Primary healthcare

Our highly qualified team of clinicians support a wide range of healthcare needs, including:

  • general consultations and check-ups  
  • family healthcare and paediatrics
  • diagnosis, treatment, advice and management of health issues
  • support in managing long-term and chronic healthcare conditions 
  • health education and preventative care
  • emergency stabilisation and referrals to secondary or tertiary healthcare facilities as required  
  • vaccinations, including support for paediatric immunisation schedules.
Day clinic

Our day-care ward supports the diagnosis and clinical care of patients requiring immediate treatment and care. 

We refer patients who require in-patient care or after-hours services to a hospital of their choice. A team of experienced clinicians accompany transferring patients in our fully equipped ambulance.

Visa medical examinations

Aspen Medical is authorised to provide immigration/visa medical and radiology examinations for Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Travel vaccinations

We provide vaccinations in line with recommendations for international travel.

Telehealth specialist consult

We offer telehealth specialist consultations and specialist referral pathways to your preferred healthcare facility in Port Moresby.

Minor surgery

Services at our procedure room include:

  • basic wound dressing
  • removal of foreign body from eye, ear and nose  
  • back slab  
  • application of fibreglass back slab  
  • application and removal of fibreglass cast to arm/leg  
  • excision and suture 
  • suturing < / > 7cm deep  
  • sutures Body < / > 7cm superficial   
  • incision and drainage 
  • administration of nebuliser (adults only).
Diagnostic services

Our diagnostic services include a wide range of laboratory and pathology testing. Most of our tests deliver results within 10–90 minutes, with QuantiFERON TB testing taking 48 hours.

All our laboratory, pathology, and medical imaging (X-ray) equipment is regularly inspected, calibrated and maintained according to the manufacturers and international standards. 

Our diagnostic team works in partnership with: 

  • I-TeleRad– a provider of teleradiology across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific 
  • QML Pathology – a leading clinical laboratory and pathology services

For more information about our diagnostic services, please click here.

Referral services

We can refer you to specialist practitioners, including: 

  • obstetrics and gynaecology 
  • paediatrics 
  • ophthalmology 
  • cardiology 
  • orthopaedics 
  • psychiatry 
  • dentistry. 

We can connect you to the specialist via telehealth consultations or refer you to our partner hospital in Port Moresby or your preferred facility.

Occupational health solutions

For corporate and occupational health solutions, please click here. 


Our team  

Our Port Moresby clinic includes a team of dedicated and highly qualified healthcare professionals, including:

  • general practitioners  
  • nurses 
  • medical laboratory scientists 
  • radiographers 
  • pharmacist.

All our clinicians are credentialed against international credentialing criteria to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care.


Membership plans 

We provide competitively priced, tiered membership plans so you and your family can get full access to our suite of private services. Our annual individual and family plans start at PGK 700 per adult/child and PGK 2,600 for a family of two adults and two children aged 0-15 years.  

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