Occupational health

Corporate and occupational health investments are the best way to create better outcomes for your workforce and business.

Research conducted by the World Health Organization has demonstrated that introducing a robust occupational health plan into your workplace can: 

  • reduces time lost to injuries  
  • reduces the number of medical work restrictions  
  • promotes workforce wellbeing and morale 
  • contribute to increasing productivity

Our corporate and occupational health solutions focus on proactive and preventative healthcare initiatives to help you identify and address health risks in your workplace before they become serious issues.  

To ensure we meet the specific needs of your business, we collaborate with you and your organisation to tailor each service and program offered under these solutions. It includes developing onsite or clinic-based service delivery models to guarantee your employees have direct access to healthcare whenever they need us.


Our solutions include: 

Occupational health and employment medical assessments

Our occupational health and employment medical assessments include: 

  • pre-employment medical assessments  
  • general medical assessment
  • corporate medical assessments  
  • oil and gas-specific medical assessments
  • high-altitude medical assessments
  • food handler assessments
  • seafarer medical assessments
  • fit-for-work and return-to-work assessments  
  • annual skin and hearing checks
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • vaccinations
  • organisational health audits.
Bespoke health and wellbeing programs

Working collaboratively with you and your organisation, we can create custom health and wellbeing promotional programs that meet the specific needs of your business.

These programs include: 

  • preventative health educational programs
  • health and wellbeing awareness programs  
  • on-site health and wellbeing staff training programs.  

A wide variety of education and awareness training can be offered, including: 

  • viral and infectious diseases, including dengue fever, malaria and polo 
  • lifestyle diseases and illnesses, including diabetes 
  • drug and alcohol management, including betel nut and tobacco  
  • men’s and women’s health  
  • outbreak management, including infection prevention and control for diseases, including COVID-19 
  • vaccinations information, including COVID-19 vaccinations.
First aid and bespoke health training

Aspen Medical is certified to provide face-to-face first aid training courses, including:

  • first aid
  • advanced first aid
  • basic life support  
  • CPR
  • advanced life support level 1.

Additionally, we can tailor a range of site-specific or industry-specific training courses to meet the needs of your business.  

Aspen Medical is certified by the PNG Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology to deliver these training courses.

Executive health assessments

Our executive health assessment (EHA) is a workplace health program for your executives and senior employees. We develop these assessments in collaboration with you to ensure they target the risks associated with high-pressure roles and are specific to your team, including age, gender and demographic environments.

The results of these assessments inform your executive and senior team members about their health status and expand their understanding of their specific health risks. Alongside these results, we work with you and your team members to set goals to improve their lifestyles, wellbeing and workplace performance, incorporating preventative measures and available treatments to reduce the risks outlined in the assessments.

The process

Prior to EHA:

Each team member needs to complete a pre-appraisal health history questionnaire to be completed and returned prior to the assessment appointment

EHA assessment

Our team will cover a broad range of tests to understand each individual’s overall health and wellness and identify any risk factors or areas of health concern. Each assessment lasts for 90 minutes per person.

  • Below is a list of the typical tests included in the assessment. 
  • blood pressure 
  • lung function test  
  • visual acuity
  • body composition (weight, body fat percentage and BMI)  
  • flexibility and back-care assessment  
  • liver function  
  • abdominal strength assessment
  • smoking and alcohol habit assessment  
  • coronary risk profiling
  • home test kit for stool blood (possible bowel cancer detection)  
  • physical activity assessment  
  • diet and nutrition profiling
  • cancer prevention and profiling
  • blood test for:  
    • total cholesterol 
    • lLDL  
    • HDL  
    • triglycerides  
    • blood glucose  
    • liver enzymes
    • kidney function
    • uric acid.  

EHA results and deliverables

For executives and senior team members 

  • Each team member will receive test results and a private, personalised session explaining the assessment results, including outlining their specific risk factors or areas of health concerns. Should any further testing or treatment be required, our team can facilitate that privately.  

For your organisation 

  • Your organisation will receive a general overview report of your teams’ health risk profile, along with recommended programs and initiatives to improve health and wellbeing in your workplace.
Medical laboratory and pathology services

For laboratory and pathology services, please click here. 

Motor vehicle accident and injury-on-duty insurance medical assessments

We can provide medical assessments for motor vehicle accidents and injury-on-duty insurance claims.


Corporate membership plans

We provide competitively priced, tiered membership plans so you and your organisation can get full access to our suite of private services.

For corporate businesses, offering these plans as part of employee benefits not only boosts morale and job satisfaction but also fosters a culture of wellness, leading to higher productivity and lower absenteeism among your workforce 

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