Executive health assessments

Executive Health Assessment

Our Executive Health Assessment (EHA) is an investment in your team. It’s a workplace health program focused on delivering comprehensive health and wellness assessments of your Executive team tailored to your team’s age, gender and demographic environment. We know your team’s time is precious and comes at a premium, so ensuring that they are healthy and happy in work is a win-win. We target the risks associated with working in high-pressure roles and will help your Executive team set the goals that will improve their lifestyle, general wellness and performance.

Program Delivery

We will coordinate the delivery and preparation of the program with your HR team. Suitable delivery schedules and travel dates will be agreed to ensure we complete an efficient and effective program for your managers – no matter where they work across PNG or the Pacific.

On-site Pathology

We will ask each candidate to participate in a 5-minute intravenous blood test. It can be completed at the workplace or a place of your choosing. The assessment profile includes:

  • total cholesterol
  • lLDL
  • HDL
  • triglycerides
  • blood glucose
  • liver enzymes
  • kidney function
  • uric acid.

When appropriate, advice and resources are provided to improve or examine further abnormal results. This may include an x-ray or electrocardiogram (ECG) test at an Aspen Medical clinic or hospital facility.

What’s involved in the EHA?

  • blood pressure
  • lung function test
  • visual acuity
  • body composition (weight, body fat percentage and BMI)
  • flexibility and back-care assessment
  • liver function
  • uric acid
  • abdominal strength assessment
  • smoking and alcohol habit assessment
  • coronary risk profiling
  • home test kit for stool blood (possible bowel cancer detection)
  • physical activity assessment
  • diet and nutrition profiling
  • cancer prevention and profiling

Time required for the EHA?

90 minutes

What does your Executive team need to do to assist?

Complete the pre-appraisal health history questionnaire and return to their local HR team for preparation with the Aspen Medical Team.


At the conclusion of the assessments you will receive a report which provides a general overview of your Executive team’s health risk profile. We can recommend other programs and initiatives to assist in improving general health and wellbeing. In summary, the program is designed to help each individual know their health status and encourage them to develop a closer relationship with the family doctor and encourage regular health checks.

What next?

If you are interested in booking an EHA for your team or want some more information contact us today.